Friday, November 30, 2007

Feeling under the weather...

Well, I managed to catch my son's cold and it really knocked me for a loop today. We did manage to scramble us all to a much anticipated "Nutcracker Ballet" that we bought tickets for 2 months ago with the homeschool group. It was fantastic! The talent was amazing ~ it's always so inspiring to see someone so passionate about their art.

After that, though, it was back to bed for me. I slept most of the day and now I'm awake to do a little Christmas shopping online. I'm trying to stick to my pledge of buying only handmade. It's been easy for my in-laws. I finished them up with some clay ornaments that you can scent with essential oils ~ very cool. I bought a very neat gift set for my oldest daughter featuring...zombies...yes, zombies. Check out etsy for some cool zombie's that's your thing ;) My two younger ones, it'll be a little harder buying handmade. They're into k'nex and board games.

I've been very blessed this holiday season with a flurry of orders last week (thank you!). This week was a little slower but it's been nice since I'm not feeling so great. Slow times are also a great time for me to think of new ideas, try out projects that I get in my head and MUST get out and make them materialize. Sometimes they work (like my new Braille Alphabet Tiles), sometimes they don't (well, we won't mention those ;)

Here's a pic of the kids that I put on our Christmas cards. I think it looks darling. (I made it black & white though for the cards. I LOVE black & white photos) They're all smiling and gee, you would never know that 5 minutes before, they were fighting! Ha!

That's all for now.

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