Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I was featured...

Jen of the new indie shopping blog, Product of the Day featured my braille name pendants. What a nice surprise. It made my day. Thank you JEN!!! Read about it here.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

it's been tooooo long...

It's been ages since i've posted and I know that's no way to keep readers reading my blog. So, shame, shame on me ;) but I do have an excuse...i've been working on a new product that I hope will be well received. Because I love making my braille pendants SOOO much and I love the response I get when customers receive something personal as well as charitable (a portion of every sale goes to the American Foundation for the Blind), I decided to expand the line and design infant and toddler tees with simple braille words on them. They can also be personalized.

I've been hard at work in R&D, ordering various brands of tees, testing different ways of attaching rhinestones/studs, embroidering and working on a website.

I first ordered Rabbit Skins tees but decided they weren't quite the quality I was looking for. I'm going for boutique quality here...so I decided on American Apparel. Not only are they high quality, 100% cotton, they are sweatshop free and Made in America!

So, with a few tees in hand, I set to making some samples and I must say, I LOOOVE making them as much as the pendants, maybe even more. They are SOOO cute and something unique and again, charitable as I will again donate a portion of every sale to the AFB.

And since these tees are so special to me, I decided they needed their very own website. You can check out the work-in-progress website...http://bittybraille.com. Slowly but surely, this new venture is taking shape and I'll soon be placing a large order for tees, making up more samples and having a professional photo shoot with an adorable bunch of baby models (well, ok, they are my friends children, but hey...they ARE cute!)

So, there you have it. My excuse...it's a good one, no??? Oh, and because you are a faithful reader, I will be offering a secret special, super-duper discount on my new braille tees as soon as the site is up and running at full speed, OK??