Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bitty Blanky Sneak Peek

Ok, so here's a sneak peek of my latest product, currently in development. I think I've worked out all the kinks and now it's just a matter of getting some good pics of the blankets.

They are a lovey size (approx. 17" square) with super soft fine wale cream corduroy on one side, plush minkee dot on the other; then one corner has a polar fleece rectangle with blanket-stitched felt dots in the pattern of baby's first inital. I also embroidered the letter on the rectangle. So, what do you think??? I gave one to my neighbor and she loves it.

The great thing about these blankets is that there is lots of different textures that baby loves. I'm so happy to be offering this new item soon. Be sure to check the website soon.

Oh and how do you think I should spell blanky? Blankie? Blanky? Blankey? Blanket? Help!


Nanette said...

I came across your blog while browing the Real Crafty blogs and visited your Bitty Braile Website. I love the braile idea for tshirts.

Julie said...

Thank you Nanette!

Alexia said...

I was just at your site a week or so ago checking out your shirts - I love them! The blankets are super cute as well! I've always spelled it "blankies"