Friday, June 8, 2007


You'll notice some color changes on my blog...they are to reflect the fact that I'll be posting about my newest venture, Bitty Braille, and I thought it deserved to have some of its' colors shown here too.

I thought about starting another blog just for Bitty Braille but it's just too many blogs for one person! (I have Indie Diner that get's posted to every day and Finding Wonder, my homeschool blog) And since, officially, Bitty Braille is really just a collection under the julie*ann handmade goods name, it shouldn't really have it's own blog. I feel like Bitty Braille is taking on a life of its own and maybe it should be it's own entity but for now, it will stay under the safety of the julie*ann umbrella :)

I've really been focusing most of my energy to getting this collection out there and I must say, it is paying off. I've had a number of orders and many compliments on the concept. You can click on my little logo over there to the right to head straight on over to the Bitty Braille shop.


Bonny said...

I love this idea - best of luck with your new venture!

Julie said...

Thank you Bonny!!!