Thursday, April 12, 2007

it's been tooooo long...

It's been ages since i've posted and I know that's no way to keep readers reading my blog. So, shame, shame on me ;) but I do have an excuse...i've been working on a new product that I hope will be well received. Because I love making my braille pendants SOOO much and I love the response I get when customers receive something personal as well as charitable (a portion of every sale goes to the American Foundation for the Blind), I decided to expand the line and design infant and toddler tees with simple braille words on them. They can also be personalized.

I've been hard at work in R&D, ordering various brands of tees, testing different ways of attaching rhinestones/studs, embroidering and working on a website.

I first ordered Rabbit Skins tees but decided they weren't quite the quality I was looking for. I'm going for boutique quality I decided on American Apparel. Not only are they high quality, 100% cotton, they are sweatshop free and Made in America!

So, with a few tees in hand, I set to making some samples and I must say, I LOOOVE making them as much as the pendants, maybe even more. They are SOOO cute and something unique and again, charitable as I will again donate a portion of every sale to the AFB.

And since these tees are so special to me, I decided they needed their very own website. You can check out the work-in-progress website... Slowly but surely, this new venture is taking shape and I'll soon be placing a large order for tees, making up more samples and having a professional photo shoot with an adorable bunch of baby models (well, ok, they are my friends children, but hey...they ARE cute!)

So, there you have it. My's a good one, no??? Oh, and because you are a faithful reader, I will be offering a secret special, super-duper discount on my new braille tees as soon as the site is up and running at full speed, OK??


Roxi said...


Those are soooo adorable!


Roxi said...
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Anonymous said...

What a great creation! I love the rhinestones!!

ronald said...

of course someone's got to tell You, and someone probably has already, that Your picture for the Custom Braille Name pendant with Swarovski Crystals
is in need of renewal.
surely there isn't someone out there called "jurc,", i see what You've done there of course, You've filled the dots 4,5,6 on the cell for "L" in "julie"(i assume) with the dot 2 from the "I" to create the letter "R" in this cell, this throws the rest of the cells out too to create a "C" and a comma.
Also are these for young children?
Grade 2 Braille would suggest "beth" to be spelled out with three cells thus:
⠃⠑⠹=beth, where the "T" and "H" are contracted into a single cell with dots 1 and 4,5,6.
i hope this information has been of some use to You as i don't know if the Braille typeface will convert through to You Ok.
Please let me know if i have misinterpreted Your designs.

ronald said...
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